Top Signs You Should Have an Archaeological Research Survey Done on Your Property

Whether you have just purchased your property or you have owned it for years, having an archaeological research survey done could actually be a good idea. There are professionals out there who have a lot of experience with archaeological research who can help with this, and in many cases, they have colleagues who can provide useful information about a property and the things that are found there. You may have never considered having one of these surveys done, but these are a few signs that it could be something to consider having done on your property.

You're Building on a Potentially Important Site

If you have just purchased your land, or if you have had it for a long time but haven't done anything with it, you might just now be making plans for using it. You might be thinking about building on the property, for example, whether you're planning to build a residence or a commercial building. Either way, you likely want to make sure that you aren't building on top of historically important grounds, at least without making sure that there aren't artifacts below the surface. Before building begins, it's not a bad idea to have an archaeological research survey done. Then, once you find that there aren't any important artifacts beneath the surface — or once all of these artifacts have been removed — you can move forward with your building project.

You've Found Artifacts

When digging on your property — such as when installing a vegetable garden — you might have come across a few artifacts. If this is the case, you could be curious about whether or not there are more interesting archaeological artifacts below the surface. If this is the case, you probably shouldn't try to look for them on their own. After all, you might not have the equipment or resources to get the job done, and you might not really know what you should be looking for. If you hire a team of professionals, however, they can look for more artifacts.

Also, be aware that even if you haven't found any artifacts on your property yourself, it's not a bad idea to ask your neighbors if they have ever found any on their properties. If they have, you may want to have an archaeological research survey done on your own property, since there's a chance that your property has these artifacts, too.

For more info about archeological surveying, contact a local company.