How to Use a Recruitment Agency to Your Advantage

A recruitment agency increases your chances of landing a good job by connecting you to the most relevant job vacancy. It bridges the gap between you and a potential employer by taking time to understand your skills and experience and matching it to the most relevant employer's needs. Some of the measures you can take to make the most out of a recruitment agency are:

Take Advantage of All the Possibilities

All the jobs you are likely to find when you go through a recruitment agency are real jobs. These can be anything from jobs in your local area to positions in some of the big international companies. A recruitment agencies broadens your reach depending on the number of clients they have. The client in this case is the employer, who pays and offloads all of its staffing work to the agency. A good agency takes the time to go through your resume and interview you in a bid to get a better understanding of your skills and any other extra details that are never vividly clear in your resume. They use this information to match you to the most relevant position available. A recruitment agency also broadens your chances by linking you to job openings that are never advertised publicly.

Build a Good Relationship

Build a good relationship with your agency by taking time to introduce yourself and explain exactly what you are looking for. Maintain a good line of communication by making frequent checks with them; do this skilfully without becoming a nuisance. This keeps you at the top of their database, while at the same time ensures you are frequently updated in case anything comes up. When they finally contact you, get back as quickly as possible. Timing is always a crucial factor when working with such agencies. If they arrange an interview, get all the details and always provide feedback after the interview. This is a good way to maintain the relationship in the unfortunate event that you do not land a job the first time.

Only Apply For Relevant Jobs

Read the advertisement description carefully and try to understand the criteria needed. Do not just apply for any job, applying for a position you do not qualify for gives an impression that you are unfocused. Recruiting agencies will usually post the same job in several platforms. Whenever you apply for a job advertised by an agency, take note of that advert, as this help you avoid applying over and over again. This is a good way to avoid creating an impression that you are desperate; it also saves you time and keeps you from developing any unrealistic expectations.