How to Get a De Facto Visa in Australia for Your Partner

A de facto visa is one used in place of a spouse visa, for partners who are not married but who have a long-term, committed relationship. Because there is no marriage license between these two, the government may ask for supporting evidence of a long-term relationship, typically a full year, before approving this visa. 

Before you apply, note a few things that may be used as supporting evidence. This can help you to prepare your application properly and ensure it gets processed quickly and approved the first time you apply.

1. Financial statements

Couples who cohabitate may have financial statements and obligations they share; this can include joint bank accounts, life insurance policies with the other as the beneficiary, joint tax returns, and so on. If these are dated to show a long-term relationship, this can be added proof of the relationship. In some cases, utility bills for one home in both your names can also be used as proof of shared financial obligations. A will that you've both signed may also be considered part of your shared financial statements. 

2. Joint address

An apartment lease or mortgage with your names showing a shared address can be considered proof of the relationship. If you don't have actual paperwork showing that you both own or rent a common address, you may be able to show proof of residence and in turn, proof of your relationship. Do you have items mailed to a shared address, such as bills or separate bank statements? If you have separate bank accounts or file your taxes separately but use the same address, this can be used as proof of your relationship. It's good if these are official mail and not junk mail, such as those bank statements, invitations, paychecks, and the like.

3. Photographs and incidental evidence

If you don't have actual legal proof of your relationship, in some cases the government may accept photographs and incidental evidence. If you shared holidays together, attended parties together, or have other photos that add weight to your claim of a committed, long-term relationship, these can be used as proof. Keep in mind, however, that you should never send in a photo album or CD of photos. Additionally, it may be good to date the pictures so that you show a long-term relationship when using pictures to apply for a de facto visa. This will keep the government office from being overwhelmed with your photos and rejecting your application simply because they could not take the time to get them organized!

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